Saturday, December 23, 2006

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Was searching for a place to buy printer ink cartridges. This store had good prices. Their customer service shone when I had to make some changes to the order. When you order online, it is many time hard to change it without confusing the seller. But, with this company, it was a breeze here. Just sent an e-mail to make the change and ship the order accordingly. Did not really hope that it would be taken care of and order would be shipped correctly. But, I was pleasantly surprised to get an e-mail confirmation from customer service to that effect, a new bill with prices correctly adjusted to reflect changes and the products shipped in no time and on my door steps in less than a week. That being shipped from the west coast.

I have not yet used the cartridges. So, can not say anything if the inexpensive cartridges cut the mustard. But, it was refreshing to see an Internet business operating smoothly and having some intelligent people who can understand customer requests and process them accordingly. With so many businesses full of workers whose stacks would overflow if you ask them to do little different than their prescribed regiment. Try "water without ice" instead of what they are used to "water with no ice". And you will cause the stack overflow.

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