Sunday, April 22, 2007

Amazing Sys Info for Windows

This shareware SIW ( is a very useful utility. In addition to showing very detailed info about your computer, it can retrieve product keys in case you have misplaced them. There are a few other programs which retrieve product keys but they cost. You can call Microsoft and have to pay per minute that after verifying tonnes of info for them. This software is cool. Install it on a system where you have software installed, get the product keys and then you are ready to install the software on other computer using the keys. Of course, it is expected that you have original media matching the product keys and are not using this to install software on many machines. For responsible users this is a great tool. Only thing to be careful about this tool is that it puts all your hidden passwords etc. under "Secrets" and that is for anyone to see once the program is up and running. On Windows Vista this feature does not seem to work and that is good.

Big thanks the writer of this software who must have spent umpteen number of hours to write this and made it available for free. Other programs with half the functionality cost anywhere from 25 to 50 bucks.

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