Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sense of accomplishment

Have you looked back on the days when you felt good about yourself to examine what caused that feeling on that particular day? In majority of the cases, it is directly related to something you got DONE. May be a good meeting you conducted, may be a killer presentation you made to the customer, may be an important milestone you hit on time,  may be a critical bug fixed. There can be numerous such things.

Why is sense of accomplishment important? I think it is very important because sense of accomplishment is what determines our self worth, at least in our early life. It takes long time to learn and understand that most of our materialistic accomplishments do not matter to our real self worth. But, it also takes a long time to reach this spiritual state of awareness. So, till then it is worthwhile to gain as much self worth by accomplishing as much as possible.

So, there come the goals. Someone beautifully said - Goals are nothing but dreams with deadlines. How true! If you set yourself goals and consistently achieve them, with every such achievement, your self worth grows in your own eyes. Set small goals, hit them, take a moment to celebrate and move on to the next goal. Set, achieve, celebrate and repeat. This is a simple process to improving your self worth.

Do not worry about what goals to set and how to achieve them. As long as goals are not harmful to you or society, feel free to set and achieve them. May be start off with something as simple as reading 10 pages from some useful book for a week. Do not stretch yourself too far until you have had some successes under your belt. Last thing you want is all unachieved goals debiting our already small reserve of self worth. Small goals and small achievements are what we should start with.

Another risk with big goals is that even if you achieve them, after a lot of effort, the goal itself is so big that chances are you will bask in its glory for a long time doing nothing worthwhile. So, it makes sense to break a big goal into small mini goals even if you think you can comfortably achieve the big goal itself.


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