Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mercury Insurance

Sometime back, I wrote a couple of post about my dealing with car insurance company. I had a car accident in Nov 07 and then had to go through the process of getting the claim settled. My insurance was with Mercury Insurance. Now that all the processing is over, I thought it is time to record my feedback about my insurance carrier.

Honestly, I did not expect things to go so smoothly with insurance claim settlement. Mercury offers great rates compared to other insurance companies. Their costs are at least 10-15% less than what is offered by competitors. So, I was thinking you get what you pay for. If a insurance company is charging you low premiums, they will try to squeeze you when you file a claim. At least that's how I thought and shuddered when I was in a major accident and car was totaled. I feared they would low ball and give me a short shrift. How wrong I was.

I am happy to report that Mercury and the professionals I dealt with turned out to be fantastic. They offered a very fair price for my 2002 Honda Accord V6, provided adequate rental car support, completed the paper work as quickly as possible, always available for questions, promptly returned my calls, worked relentlessly with the other insurance company to get me my deductible as I was not at fault. How refreshing it is to deal with a honest insurance company in this era when honesty and insurance never seem to go together.

Despite all this, I hope no one has to ever go through this experience. If not anything, it is extremely stressful and time consuming. Too much paperwork.

My insurance company Mercury Insurance was very fair. It was a different matter with the other insurance company. They gave me fair bit of run around to decide on the fault. Ultimately they decided that their policy holder was at fault.

I recommend Mercury Insurance. Their premiums are probably the lowest. Coverage is good. Web site is very good. Provide several discounts.


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