Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life. - Muhammad Ali

If someone says, he or she has 10 years of experience, you may want to think about it. Is it 1 year of experience repeated 10 times or 10 years of varied experience? What do you want if you have to hire someone?

Going back to the quote - I am not even sure if anyone can be that frozen-in-time enough to see life the same way year over year. But, it does seem to be possible, if one does not open himself or herself to new experiences. Or if new experiences do not come their way at all.

I think many of us do not experience richness of life because we do not welcome new experiences in our lives. In the era of crazy paranoia, when parents are drilling in to the heads of their kids that every stranger is a potential assaulter, do you expect those kids to open up and experience varied things in life? They expect life to be a straight line. One miss, that's it. They are lost and parents have to come back to set the line straight again. Things were much better earlier. May be situations permitted as well. Kids back then were much less protected. Of course, parents did take care of kids but this height of caution or madness was not there. You skinned your knee while playing. That's fine. Wash it with dettol, put some bandage if you like and forget it. Only if it got infected, parents took note. In a way, it was good. Made us learn that 'if an experience does not kill you, it only makes you stronger.' If it kills you, no worries. You are not going to be there to regret it anyway. Not to say that one should go after looking for experiences which may kill him or her. But, the point is not deny  an opportunity by always obsessing what may happen. How many have been able to prevent what had to happen? If it has to, it will. 'Your will and not my will shall be done'. Who said that? Jesus?

Experiences are free in life. Game is free. Players wanted? Are you game?


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