Thursday, November 20, 2008


OK, elections are over. Thanks for that. Enough of that over last two years.

Personally I would have liked to see Hillary Clinton become president. But, unfortunately she did not. If things were to be good, I would not have minded McCain. But, his party has not led us to anything better in last 8 years. On the contrary, it has become a war mongering party. Can not give them another chance to wage wars on more countries. So, although I have a lot of respect for McCain, his experience and service, he could not get votes. So, had to settle with Obama. Let's see what he is going to do. If not anything, he and democrats do not seem to start any new wars. Less we do wars, better we will be. Hopefully, we will learn that lesson.

Fist time in life, I voted. Although, I was a qualified voter in India, I was never there at election times. So, had not voted even once since getting voting eligibility. Happy to have voted at least once. It had to be in US. That's ok.

Funny thing, a distant relative of mine once voted in my name in India. Brave of him. He just went to voting booth, told my name and voted. This, I guess, was much before they came up with voting ID cards. I still remember going to some vague place in Bangalore in the very early morning sometime in 1996 to get pictures taken for voter ID card. It was TN Seshan's time and voting card mania at peak. God knows what happened to voting card. Do not remember ever having received that.

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