Friday, January 02, 2009

Head, heart and hour-glass

"When the head empties, heart fills up. Like a hour-glass."

Empty head and a full heart - any good? Not sure. Head empty of what and heart full of what? Head empty of rationale and heart full of emotions? Is that any good? No idea.

No personal attestation to this quotation. Closest I can say is 'when stomach fill up, brain slows down.' I think this is universally verified. After a heavy meal, most of the blood gets busy digesting the food and you can not do any serious mental work. There are exceptional people, who after partying hard till 12 in the night, come back to work on a very important corporate presentation due next morning at 8 AM. I have only been able to admire them. That's it. Anything more is enough to give me nightmares with stress. Some people really like to push things right  to the very edge just to that tipping point. Don't they? Is that what they call adrenaline rush?

If nothing, the above quotation is quite beautiful especially its comparison to hour glass. That deserves credit. Few people with full head can come up with such a beautiful metaphor. The person who came up with this quotation probably had his heart full with fine emotions.


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