Saturday, January 03, 2009

Middle Age

"Middle age is when your broad mind and narrow waist begin to change places." - E. Joseph Cossman

What a great quotation? Nothing describes middle age better than this quote. I have a theory why this happens. By middle age, we have probably accumulated so much prejudices against everything and anything that prejudices overflow from brain and flow towards lower elevation and come down from brain to settle down under our waist. Waistline increases and brain tank decreases. This provides more prejudices to accumulate in our brains and the process repeats all over. Let's stop here and not push this too far. Regardless prejudices, it is only natural for waist to expand as we age. Some people may exercise regularly and keep fit but still nobody can say they are just like that as they were when they were teenagers.

"Middle age is when you realize you are the top of the ladder but the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.' Some people when they are middle aged suddenly realize that they have been pursuing a wrong life in all aspects. These are the people who suddenly give up their careers and start a new life all together. Starting from the scratch.

What is a middle age? I can not think of any speicfic number. Probably something after 35 assuming average life span is 70.


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