Tuesday, February 10, 2009


"Is there anything worse than being blind? Yes, a man with sight and no vision." - Helen Keller

What an irony it is to have sight but no vision. Where do we go to get our vision? Where else? Back to basics. RTFM - Read the Fine (?) Manuals. God gave us manuals he meticulously put together to use his wonderful creation - this universe. As we do with other appliances, we hardly ever refer to those manuals. It takes extraordinary circumstances to force to even remember that manuals exist. You know - I have come to believe that all the hardships we face are meant to serve as reminders to go back to basics and  read those manuals.

What are those manuals? All holy scriptures. Ever since I picked up Bhagvadgita (specifically Sri Easwaran's three volume commentary), I have come to rely on it as my manual. I am no where close to understand even a fraction of wisdom densely packed in that spiritual classic. So, adapting it to daily life is far from anything close to reality. But, one thing is certain, at least when I read it, there are several times, some kind of epiphany happens and at least for a moment some solution seem to appear. It is a different matter that many of us revert to our old behavior. Hopefully we learn from mistakes.

Sri Easwaran said somewhere - we are all busy making  'To Do' list. What we should be focusing on is to make 'To Be' list. What do we want to be? If we can start nailing what we want to be and use that to drive our 'To Do', that will go a long way. 'To Be' is our vision. 'To Do' is a list of steps we need to get to where we want 'To Be'.

Cheers to your visioning!

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