Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why do geese fly in V formation?

Have you ever wondered why geese and many other migratory birds fly in V formation?

They have found that flying in inverted V shaped formation accords birds the best aerodynamic configuration reducing air resistance and getting boost from the wing flapping of birds in front of them. Granted that benefits increase from first row to the last row. First row, there is only one bird. It does not get any other help. Flapping of its wings, helps two birds in the row behind it and so on. So, after a while the leader is tend to get tired. That's when some other bird which was coasting along nicely benefited by all the wing flapping of other birds, replaces the leader and the leader takes the most benefited position to rest and fly with maximum aerodynamic benefits. Pretty smart.

Some birds while flying also make honking noise. That is not random either. It is the sound to encourage each other do their best and help themselves as a group.

If a bird is injured mid-flight, two or more birds accompany the injured bird to safety and recommence their journey after the injured bird recovers or dies. Sometimes they join another flock of birds to benefit from aerodynamics.

It is no wonder that only with such smart tactics, these birds are able to cover thousands of miles from one place to another for migration.

Don't you think we can learn a bit from these birds and make our team work more successful?


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