Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"Mere information is not knowledge. Mere knowledge is not wisdom."

Even better- start with ' mere data is not information.'

Data, information, knowledge - easy to obtain if you have right tools, put in enough time and energy. Wisdom - different story. Wisdom is a very rare commodity. One way to check for wisdom is if the person 'walks the walk or merely talks the talk.' Why is wisdom so hard to come by despite we having all the knowledge required? If you refer to our sacred scriptures, they say wisdom is hard to come by because of our conditioning (called 'samskaras'). Our conditioning is so deep that it takes sometimes multiple lives to fill those giant craters. Think it this way. There is a field with variety of channels for water to flow. As soon as you release water to such a field, water follows that channel. How you want water to flow does not matter? Based on your understanding, you may water to flow in certain fashion but unless you change those water ways, water will continue to flow in those pre-defined channels. That's what are 'samskaras'. Our conditioning is similar. Our vital energy continues to flows in the predefined channels. We may read a lot, based on all that reading we may decide to make a few changes to our lives but life may not change much. Unless you gradually close out existing waterways and create new waterways to direct the water in the way you want, water will continue to flow through existing channels.Weds will continue to grow. This is one explanation why we continue to do same things despite knowing very well that we need to change things. When our knowledge and actions do not match, that's the sure sign of lack of wisdom.


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