Thursday, April 23, 2009

Timing & Action

Wrong time, wrong action = Disaster

Wrong time,right action = Resistance

Right time, wrong action = Mistake

Right time, right action = Success

It is just enough to do the right thing. Timing also needs to be right. If either the action is not right or if the timing is not right, desired outcome won't be success. Always examine above set of equations when you see why you are not getting what you want. Most of the time, we pay a lot of attention to action alone and try to refine the action a lot. Even when we execute the best action if the time is not right, at best, we will encounter a lot of resistance. Timing is influenced by a lot of factors. When I thought about this, this seems to apply very aptly to organizational changes. Many organizational changes fail because they are implemented at the wrong time. On the other hand, when timing is good, we should attempt to try several actions because when the timing is right even if the action is not the best, worst thing that can happen is not a disaster but just a mistake from which one can learn and recover.


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