Friday, December 17, 2010

It's there already....

You want to sail?

What else you need?

You have a sail boat. Winds are what they are. Already blowing. Same for all.

All you need to do it to adjust your sails properly so that you can sail. Can you do that?

You have a piece of land.

You want to get the best possible harvest.

What do you do?

Prep the land properly, buy best seeds possible, get best fertilizers and hope that it rains well. If possible, make alternate arrangements for water.

Divine winds are always blowing. Divine rain falls same on all fields.

It's our level of preparation, that determines how far we go and what kind of harvest we can get.

So, start working on your sails and patch of land.

Keep it absolutely at its best.

Rest will be taken care of divinity. Everybody gets the same.


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