Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Human body

Few years back scientists ran some numbers to find out the 'price' of a human body. Guess what the 'price' was? If you just take up the chemicals that make human body and calculate the value, it was around 8-10 dollars in 70s.

First of all, major portion of human body is hollow. It is space. That's it. Any chemicals that make up are water, carbon and other organic chemicals which are very inexpensive.

But, the  value of our body  'priceless'. 'Sound mind in sound body.' Although the chemical value of our body is only few dollars, we can not get a new body or do fundamental changes to our body with whatever sums of money. Millions, billions, trillions do not matter. This should be an eye opener why it is important to take care of our physical bodies and make it last as long as it has to. If we believe that 'God uses us as his instrument in his works', how can we give him a useless instrument? Are we not embarrassed to go and tell God - 'God, you gave me a good body to begin with. Now I have screwed it up. Use it as your instrument.' What do you think God would say -'I would rather give you a new body. Come home, my son.' And, that is the END of that particular life. But, the END may be quite painful because although our body is being replaced we are still hanging on to all unfulfilled desires and it is hard for our soul to give up the body and this duel causes too much pain and grief at the end. At least, this his how some schools of philosophy explain body, its significance, its importance and so on.

Another very encouraging thing about our bodies is its power to rejuvenate itself as soon as you help it by taking good care of it. Scientists  have found so many amazing cases when they thought certain organ was damaged beyond repair in an accident or due to abuse, regenerated itself. It's certainly divinity that God has instilled in us. If not, how can we believe that a smoker who has smoked for decades starts regaining most of his lost lung capacity in less than  3 months (or so) after quitting smoking. Liver is one organ I am told does not regenerate fully. So, that needs extra care.

However, let's not take undue advantage body's healing power. It's like a rubber band. We do not know when it will snap and tear up. So, let's not stretch it too far. Let's  bring ourselves back on right track to take care of our bodies even if it is worth only few dollars. For chemicals there is master card but the body we have  is priceless.


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