Thursday, November 16, 2006


Do you suffer from a sense of insecurity that lingers all the time? Do you listen to a lot of loud music? Do you try to overload your senses doing multiple things such as eating, watching TV, talking and using computer  all at the same time?

It's very much possible that the sense of insecurity is coming from these. Loud music is found to be one of the reasons for insecurity. I can not cite any evidence other than self-experience and what Sri Easwaran said in one of his books. Overloading sense objects with multiple sense activities at the same time can also result in insecurity. Another empirical proof comes from the fact that Buddhist tradition recommends a lot of Zen music as  an accompaniment for spiritual process. That music is mellow, smooth and soothing. If such music induces calmness, I won't be surprised if loud music induces insecurity and stress.

One occasion that we may allow ourselves some amount of leeway is when we are exercising. Fast music makes exercising  more fun at times. If you can exercises without fast music or do not need music at all, then do not get into listening to fast music. This is for those who need fast music to reduce the monotony of exercise.

Zen music, solo performance of instruments, classical music with focus on voice rather than instruments, these are all great music to relax.

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