Thursday, November 16, 2006

No & Yes

"Don't take no from someone who can't say yes."

This is one of the best quotes I have heard. It is so powerful. I think I heard it in audio book "Rainmaker Secrets" which is a book on effective selling.

Regardless of our work, we are all selling one thing or the other all the time. Most importantly we sell our ideas when employed and ourselves, our skills, our experience, education when we are looking for employment. We all are  the brand managers of most important brand that is "I". So, we need to master sales techniques.

Rejection is part of selling. Answers you get when you try to sell something are - Yes, No or May be. So, "No" is probably what you will be told at least 1 for every 3 sales attempts. "May be" has large band width and can lean more towards "Yes" or "No". So, "No" becomes even more probable. So, having to hear "No" half the time is normal and to be taken that way.

But, rejection is very hard. People many times avoid trying - more because they can not face rejection than they fear failure. Rejection hurts and lasts for quite some time. But, we have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves and move on.

This is where the above quote provide a lot of motivation and encouragement. First we have to ask ourselves if the person who is rejecting us is really capable of accepting. In any sales cycle, we have to go thru many layers. Some times people at  lower levels who really do not have the power to say 'yes' are overly eager to say 'no'. May be because it gives them   a false sense of authority or helps them compensate their inferiority complex which may triggered by your towering personality or  worthiness of what you are trying to sell. It is really unfortunate if these people who can say no but can not say yes are hard gate keepers. If that's indeed the case screw that potential customer because they have insulated themselves from all creative selling. In a way you do not want them as your customers because they are going to become extinct because they have most incompetent people who can say no but can not say yes. Move on.

But, you also run into situations where you get to hear a lot of No's but you still have a shot to make your case to higher people. Just keep plugging on. You can try to win over nay sayers, wine them, dine them, become friends, do everything that is legal to smoothen your way to the top while working aggressively on perfecting selling techniques to people who can say Yes.

So, say YES and get to work!


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