Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Random Reflections about job search

Follow up to my recent post.

1) Use job boards with discretion. Posting your resume on job board is easy and simple. But, in the interest of your time and energy, do not make your contact info available. Better take control of your job search and send resumes to only those companies that interest you. It certainly can be a little bit of extra work but sifting thru tonnes of e-mails most of which are irrelevant wastes far more time.

2) Searching for a job while working full time can be a very difficult task. It is like working one more job-- at least part of another job. One approach that can work well if you have a lot of vacation time left is to take every Friday or Monday off and put as many phone interviews or other interviews for that day. That day rest of the week you can do justice to your job. Weekends can be spent preparing for the job.

3) Do not underestimate the preparation required. On an average you need to allocate at least 2 hours per interview. More the better. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. It is not easy but required. Tape your answers and listen back till you can perfect your answers to key questions. There are no fixed key questions -- you need to find out based on the job you are applying for and other things. Preparing well for at least few key questions puts in you in a better position to answer any related questions better than not preparing for any key questions at all.

4) Use recruiters well. Recruiters are getting very busy due to hot job market. That's the reason to develop, maintain and strengthen relationships with top recruiters in your area and specialty. Recruiters can open up opportunities where none exist because of their contacts, they can tell about you to a hiring manger and he/she can create a specific opening if they like what recruiter has to say about you.

5) Do not burn any bridges. Once you know someone, it is better to be in their good books. "Say nothing if you have nothing good to say about someone." Although this is good, it is better to have something good to say about everyone and every company you have worked in the past. If you take sometime, good things will come out of every experience and interaction you have had. More senior the position you apply for people look for maturity and bad mouthing some or some company is a sure turn off  from that angle. What you feel about something in private be private and public.

6) Contrary to what  many books on job search say, it is just not possible to defer salary related discussions too far. Like everyone else, people want to know if the job they are considering you for pays what you are looking for. If you have done your home work well, you should not be talking to people with jobs which are not in the salary range you are looking for. So, do a lot of research about the salary and compensation etc. is one good source.

More later.

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