Saturday, January 19, 2008

M2Mags - follow up

A few days back I wrote about M2Mags (see below). Finally got the rebate after sending one final e-mail in which I told them I would approach BBB or other consumer protection agencies. I do not know what worked, they finally sent the rebate of $10. This is after 4 months of going back and forth. Many weeks of total silence. These companies and their rebates simply suck. As I said before, I can understand companies holding back money to help their operations. But, if you do not have any intention of paying in reasonable time, why promise in the first place???


Beware of M2Mags Rebate

You may come across an offer to subscribe to free magazines or get a $10 rebate when you shop online. You may want to consider, getting the mags instead of $10 rebate. When it comes cash rebate, this company M2Mags sucks big time. I have tried contacting them so many times after duly completing all the paperwork and they have never sent any rebate. Once I got an e-mail from someone who said she would look into it and then from there it seems to have gone into a black hole. In the past when I came across such magazine rebates (from some other company), I went for magazines and been getting the magazines without any problem. No wonder cash and kind are not the same.

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Anonymous said...

I got some stupid magazine Golf and can not cancel it this company is behind it.

Anonymous said...

Si did I. I think they're hoping to get the renewal when this expires.

I wonder, are they connected to Mens' Health?

corrine said...

2/1/2010 I suddenly started receiving a publication called "Guidepost"..I have no idea why. I 'm trying to cancel but am being directed in circles. Has anyone been successful?

Anonymous said...

How did you contact these frauds to cancel subscriptions? There are no valid websites.