Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Paradoxes of duality....

This is based on the information at this link - http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/lifestyle/the-dangers-of-thinking-positive/

"So there is no need to be positive. There is no need to be negative, either. Just be aware. If you are aware, you will perceive a situation just the way it is. When you perceive a situation the way it is, you can act to the best of your intelligence and capability. It is as simple as that. Don’t get into prejudiced action."

Very timely post. When events such as the recent firecracker accident that killed 100+ in Kerala or Brussels bombing or Paris attacks take place, many people say / post things like, 'where is God? If there is God, why does He allow such BAD things to happen? Why there is so much EVIL in this world?' and so on.

It may seem contrary to commonsense and somewhat heartless also but the problem is with labeling events as good or bad, evil or good, success or failure, moral or immoral and so on. They are all relative. People may challenge you as 'what good can you really see in the firecracker accident or Paris attack or something similar?' Of course many of us can not see any 'good' because of our preconceived notions about the absolute good or bad. Just for the sake of argument one can say there indeed is good here also. Hospitals get more patients and business, drug companies get more business, cops get overtime pay, arms manufactures make roaring business and so on. However perverse and unappealing they may seem one can definitely find some positives from the perspective of others. What is bad for you is good for them.

Best quote I came up with was - if we find our realities alike, it is because we are similarly deluded. (Delusion = labeling things and events)

Labeling leads duality and once in that realm you have to accept both. There can not be only good or only bad. I think it was Swami Vivekanada who said - goodness grows linearly while evil grows geometrically but still at the end good triumphs over the evil. (I think he came up with this just to explain away the things and not really meant it as it does not make sense when you acquire more knowledge of 'real' type. When there is no REAL good or bad, where is the question of one increasing wrt the other??)

Why is it hard to stop labeling everything as good or bad or similar other opposites? Primordial ignorance or avidya or maya. Advaita philosophy deals with such conundrums very nicely while accepting pair of opposites (good, bad) as legitimate in the realm of duality which certainly is not the REAL reality but only a small part. (Not an expert on Advaita. So, can't provide intricate details.)

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sunaath said...

Mahesh, It is really a good philosophy.

Mahesh Hegade said...

Thanks Sunaath, Sir.

A.K. Trimunji said...

Very interesting!

Sounds like two bhavas making a "dual" pair.