Saturday, November 03, 2007 - I have bought stuff from this Internet retailer for some time. From time to time, I come across good deals here. They offer free shipping on most stuff. Despite the fact they charge tax (due to location I suppose), prices are attractive many times. Recently I bought a 750 GB external hard drive from here. They had advertised that it carried a $40 mail-in rebate. Recently I received the rebate. But, rebate amount was for $30. I was surprised. May be I was wrong I thought and referred back to the paperwork I retain. No doubt. Sure it was for $40. Then began the process to recover $10. First contacted the manufacturer of the drive Cavalry Storage. They got back saying that the rebate was indeed for $30 and had made a mistake and I should take it up with them. I forwarded the entire e-mail thread to customer support and asked them how they were going to reimburse for me $10. After few days came a boiler plate reply. "Rebates are administered by the manufacturer. Please take it up with them." Hello!!! I had already done that. Did you even read the e-mail thread I forwarded to you? Sheesh! I hate to think that customer rep did not even read and understand my complaint. OK. It took another e-mail or two to explain further. No response for a while. Then I sent one final e-mail in which I clearly told that if I did not receive the missing $10 in two weeks, I would take it up with Better Business Bureau or whatever I felt appropriate. Hmmm... no response for another 10 days. Then comes a reply that they were going to reimburse me for that $10. I admit that it was a clerical mistake they did in advertising $30 rebate as $40. But, as a business, you will make it up to your customers as soon as they complain regarding your mistake. Why make them wait and threaten you with all this? Can't you save all this aggravation for yourself and the customer? It really baffles me that businesses like to bet that customer forget or do not follow up. Not with me you bad fellows. Anyway, I do want to commend whoever finally saw the usefulness of reimbursing me and making me a reasonably satisfied customer. They deserve kudos for that. So, lesson here is never give up. Takes time. Every time we give up with these business, it only makes them continue do same with other customers. More such experience, they get bolder. There are two more dead beat businesses that still owe me $10 each. Not much hopeful about them though. Let's see for some more time. They are going to have my complaints against them at BBB soon. Customers pay and expect to get the complete deal. It would be good if businesses take note of this and conduct their businesses properly.


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