Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Undiscovered Country: Exploring the Promise of Death by Eknath Easwaran

One more elegant spiritual masterpiece by spiritual master Sri Eknath Easwaran.

In this book Sri Easwaran explores one of the certain things in life - the death. As they say the other certain thing is tax. There are IRS manuals to help us understand taxes :) To understand death, in a way it is better understood, this is the book.

Easwaran demystifies the subject of death and helps removes dislike or fear or myriad of other negative emotions we may have about this certainty in life. Death is inevitable. How can one overcome physical death and prepare oneself for the journey beyond death? This book explores them using day to day incidents and examples.

Even if we do not care about death, one or the other time in life, most of us have a glimpse of it much before the real death comes to us. After such an experience, it is normal for many to wonder about death. It may be for a moment or for years. That is one of  the times to pick up this book and reflect on the wisdom from someone who spent years preparing for death. In that preparation he led a purposeful life. Sri Easwaran, many thanks to you.


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