Saturday, November 17, 2007

Privacy Guard

Privacy Guard - provides identity theft protection related services. You can check your credit scores, what creditors know about you, set up various processes to safe guard your identity etc.

I became their member for a short while. While buying something from Staples, they offered free trial membership and a $10 cash back for trying the services. What the heck? I thought and signed up. As usual made sure that I cancelled the membership before the trial period ended. However, for whatever strange reasons, they had not mailed me the rebate form. Here I was with cancelled membership and unable to claim my $10 rebate. Called their customer service line and inquired. The first rep tried to brush me off saying I was not eligible for $10 rebate as I had cancelled my membership. Asked to speak to her supervisor and she did confirm that $10 rebate was for trying the program and being active member was not necessary. Then began the pursuit to get the money. Took several e-mails and phone calls to have them mail me the rebate form. They e-mailed the starter kit which had all forms except the rebate form. What do you say? Convenient amnesia. Hate such tactics. Few more e-mails and they faxed me the rebate form. Filled it and sent it back. I had no hope that they would pay up without requiring another prolonged e-mail or phone pursuit. But, surprisingly, got the check for $10 after 4 weeks. Good. At least they were good to keep up their word although it should not have been this complicated. Moral of the story is same - patience and perseverance. $10 is not the point here. Why do they make it so difficult for people to collect what is due to them? Do they think people like that? This is a typical example of 'penny wise. pound foolish.'

So, if you are tempted by such offers when you shop online, make sure you are willing to spend time and energy to recover that. Many times it is simply not worth your time.


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