Sunday, November 18, 2007

Flickr - SUCKS

Flickr (, photo sharing web site's new policy to allow only last 200 photos for viewing really SUCKs. Now with free membership there is upload limit and also restriction on how many photos you can view at any given time. To make things worse they do not make it possible to download pics posted on our accounts in bulk. What is Flickr thinking? Lose its members. I do not believe there is any shortage of web sites which let users store unlimited number of pictures.

As I said, once you post your pics on Flickr, saving them back to your hard disk can be a task as there is no way to download more than one pic at a time from Flickr web site. Luckily some good soul has made available a neat utility called FlickrDown and you can batch download all pics from your flickr account. It let's you authorize right from Flickrdown user interface.

This is it. I am going to take my pics elsewhere once I finish downloading all my pics to my hard drive. Done with flickr. Down with flickr.

Check out other picture sharing web site and may be Flickr will learn its lesson when users leave in drones.


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