Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Frogs and Prince(ss)

"You will have to kiss many frogs before you find your prince(ss)."  So goes the saying. Holds good for many other endeavors in life as well. You will have to work at several places before you find your ideal job, partner etc.

Best joke around this quote I heard was -' you will have to kiss many asses before you find the right boss.' Friend who told this mutilation of the original quote was referring to his boss. His point was - he had to bear through many shabby bosses before he found a boss who really helped him. That's true. Bosses come and go but mentors are the ones who remain in your mind. May be for every 5 bosses you work for you  may find one mentor. If other 4 are not tormentors, be happy and move on. Mentor and tormentor - so close. Bosses can be either of the two.

Zero based thinking (I hope I got the term right) says that every situational dilemma can be resolved by asking one simple question. That question is 'knowing everything I know now, would I have done what I have done'? If answer is yes, follow the current path. If answer is no, change it without a second thought. If the frog you kisses is not your princes(ss), move on in the search of next frog.


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