Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good online source for genuine Toyota accessories

If you are in the market for accessories for your Toyota,  you may want to consider looking at You may find their prices much cheaper than what you find at your local Toyota dealer. Since is also a Toyota dealer, they ship only Toyota or Toyota approved OEM parts. Service is fast and reliable. Parts come properly packed.

I do not know what is the thinking these days at Toyota but most of the new cars they make do not come with body side moldings. Those simple stripes which you stick to the doors of the car and which help protect from minor dents and dings to your car such as while some inconsiderate person opens their door next to yours or shopping carts moving helter skelter in parking lots etc. May be Toyota wants to give additional business to body shops by not installing such moldings. No moldings. So more such dents and dings. You feel annoyed when the first ding happens which could have been easily avoided if these moldings were present in the first place. Another theory is that Toyota thinks their new curvy designs loose their looks due to these moldings. I do not see how. Look at the nice formal look with these moldings.

Anyway, I checked with local Toyota dealers in the bay area. Half of them did not carry these on hand and said they have to order them. A few who had quoted at least $25 more than what quoted. So, it was a easy decision to go and buy from Local dealer quoted $60 to install. I was not comfortable going to local dealers to have the parts installed when I did not buy from them. Who knows how they would treat me or my car? So I went to some independent body shop and had them installed. You can Google for instructions which provide exact measurements at which moldings have to be pasted. They come with prefixed adhesive tapes. With time and patience, it is easy to do it by yourself. But, I did not want to regret later by either installing them wrongly or wasting one-time adhesive. Local body shop charged $25. Total savings more than $50.

I still like those boxy styled old cars with sturdy bodies. These days with all these curves etc. it is such a worry to drive them freely, park them where ever you like. Cars should come with body armor :)


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