Monday, October 06, 2008

Needs & Wants

"We sometimes get what we want. We most of the times get what we need." - Mick Jagger (?)

I am tempted to say we get more than what is necessary most of the times. Oh yes, you can pat on your own back and say anything you want like - I work so hard. I am so smart. I studied so much more than so many people - anything. But, why should one get more than they need? Ok, not that we want socialism. Where everyone is equal and some are more equal :) But, the point is we do not seem to be happy when our basic needs are met. We always want more. Nothing wrong to aspire more. But, if we do not take a moment to be grateful for the fact that our needs have been met and we have many times gotten more than our needs, we are not going to be able to forgive ourselves and feel good about anything. Gandhi did not say for nothing - There is enough for everyone's need but not enough for anyone's greed. Greed is good. But, only after we are grateful for getting what we need.

You know one of the easiest ways to feel good ? Just start being grateful for one thing every day. May be one day you are grateful for wonderful health you got. Next day, may be for wonderful family you have and next day may be for wonderful job you still have. So on and so forth. Continue to remember everything you can be grateful for. Try this for few days and see for yourself how your outlook changes so much for better. Watch your energy levels. It is sad that we have so many things to be grateful for and we do not seem to care for none of that and brood over few trivial things and make ourselves so much miserable.

Feel grateful and feel good. When you feel good, everyone around you feels good. Feeling good is just so naturally infectious. One hell of a good infection that is.


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