Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Newton, Einstein and Frankenstein come together

"We live in Newtonian world, with Einsteinian laws and with Frankensteinian logic." - David Russesl

Looking at our own logic from time to time, it is no wonder our logic has become Frankenstenian. Too convoluted. Simplicity has vanished. Nothing simple appeals to us. It has to be complex. Even better if it is complicated. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated.

"Power of Simplicity" should be a must-read for everyone. It separates complex chaff from simple wheat.

"It is simple to be happy. It is difficult to be simple."

Simplicity starts with making with least amount of things. More things, more complicated the life is. More ownership, more headaches. Reduce ownership and start seeing the simplicity everywhere you go. Why own when you can rent at a fraction of cost and simplicity?

Btw, Frankenstein has not vanished all together. If you go to Universal Studio in Los Angeles, there is still a model who goes around wearing the mask of Frankenstein. Take a picture with him and carry it always in wallet. Everytime complexity rears it ugly head in your head, remember to stare at the picture of Frankenstein.


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