Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rock Bottom

"Rock bottom is the rock to use for foundation to build (success) on."  - JK Rowling at Harvard University's commencement address - June 2008.

Google for JK Rowling's speech and listen to it. It is one of the most inspiring speeches I have heard in recent times. I did not expect someone who wrote reams of pulp fiction to speak so inspiringly. JK Rowling's speech will leave inspired and convince you that failure is not only uncommon but very much needed for one to be successful.

As I thought about the speech in general and above line in particular, it provided a lot of meaning to 'rock bottom'. Rock bottom - height of any depth or climax of something in negative direction. So, rock bottom is the height of failure. It is probably called 'rock bottom' because it serves as a really strong rock to build solid foundation on which you can build castle of success.

Good luck hitting the rock bottom. Remember, you need a strong foundation to build anything of lasting value. And  for good foundation, you need a good rock - rock bottom.

Btw, this is the same JK Rowling who wrote 'Harry Potter' series of best selling books.


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