Sunday, August 13, 2006 An Historic Murder Mystery set in the Internet Bubble and Rubble by Tom Evslin

Very interesting and captivating novel.

This novel is available, in full, for free access at -

This book should appeal to variety of interests - entrepreneurship, investment banking, greed of era, sleaze &sex at the highest levels, suspense, Israel & Palestine conflict and what not.

The author who is said to have experienced the bubble first hand as an entrepreneur does an outstanding job in walking us thru the typical machinations behind the madness of bubble burst. Wannabe entrepreneurs can learn a lot as how to watch their backs when they want to take their companies public or deal with mergers & acquisitions.

It's a murder mystery surrounding the murder of a CEO. The author has been very creative in using some things that became synonymous with bust including everyone becoming day traders, yahoo chat boards, stock charts, over hyped media exposure and so on. That creativity is certainly praise worthy.

At times, the novel does become boring especially if you are reading from mere entertainment perspective. Too much details about 9/11 etc.

All in all a nice read for variety of interests.


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