Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lara Dutta and her generosity

Lara Dutta is a former Ms Universe and a leading film actress.

Not many times we get to hear  good things people from movies. Conventional media is only interested in raunchy gossips, fashion and other sensational stuff. Very few people look at movie celebreties like one of us - good, nice, caring fellow human beings.

Recent gesture by actress Lara Dutta is really praise worthy. Story is short and sweet. A little boy was admitted for treatment in B'lore hospital. Family was poor. The family had raised money thru fellow community members. Since my family contributed a little, I know this first hand. The hospital had put posters requesting for help. Lara Dutta happened to visit the hospital. Saw the posters. Was moved. Visited the boy on her volition. Spent time with boy and family getting know them, decided to sponsor the whole treatment (tab was close 2-3 Lakh rupees) and left. She did all this without any fanfare. She could have tried to get as much media mileage out of this. But, none she went for. At least I did not come to know about this in any news paper. A person who was involved in fund raising efforts posted this info to our community yahoo group ( and that's how we got to know about her act of generosity. Isn't this really nice? Ms.Dutta deserves kudos.

We have seen so many celebrities making all promises and then reneging on them. But, in this case no words but only action.

Way to go Lara Dutta. Thanks for saving little boys life and more importantly saving the family from going to financial problems. FYI, boys parents are school teachers in near Surathkal in DK, Karnataka. This is one nice act which is bound get a lots of good karma for actress and everyone.

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