Sunday, June 03, 2007

Car tires - great variety & good deals

Looking for car tires? May be you want to checkout - Discount Tires

Has a great variety of tires - large number of brands, different price ranges, performance tires etc.

Great shopping experience - excellent web site with full online catalog. You can research tires from the comfort of your home, do price comparisons, read reviews, buy tires online, schedule an appointment at a store near you - all from the web site.

Nice credit facility - you may want to consider this as there is normally an attractive mail-in rebate if you use their credit card which is easy to apply and get approved either before hand or while at the store.

Quick turnaround - I was in and out within 45 minutes. Old tires removed, new tires mounted, balanced, paperwork complete. That is awesome.

Several locations - you should be able to find one within 25 miles from your home in the states they serve.

Excellent service - The sales guy was very helpful and professional. Helped to get the credit card number as mine was still being processed. He had forgotten to apply a discount. Realized only after returning. Sales guy Eric at Fullerton center was very courteous, fixed the error and mailed me the receipt in 2 days. Great service.

Comes with free tire rotation.

Place to check out for tires. There may be some shops who may be able to beat their deals on certain tires but variety is hard to find. The warranty you get on tires is good on any of their stores. That is a great advantage.

Highly recommended.

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