Sunday, June 10, 2007

If you want to dontate your old computer

If you want to donate your old computer, you may want to consider -

They seem to be quite good - at least they were very prompt with communication. You can claim tax deduction against the donation.

They will also reimburse you for shipping costs if you like. Heck, if you are donating, you probably want to cover anyway.

Do exercise usual due diligence to minimize your personal data remaining on the hard disk. As anyone with some computer knowledge know, mere deleting does not really delete the data. Same with uninstalling and re-installing the OS.

You can take following steps to minimize residual personal data before you get rid of your old computer.

1) Back up all that you want from your computer and transfer the data into some media (cd, external hd etc.)

2) Re-install the OS using original CD that came along with your PC. That will nuke your existing partition.

3) Download Eraser utility which really erases data by overwriting some other data over it. It's a cool free utility.

4) Run an eraser job to erase all unused data. That should ensure that only OS and related data remains.

5) At this time you can reasonably certain that most or all of your personal data is overwritten.

After this pack and ship the computer.

Your old computer may be used to teach computers to some third world kid, you get tax deduction and what more you want!


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