Sunday, June 03, 2007

Success & Happiness

"Getting what you want is success. Wanting what you get is Happiness." - Tom Gardener

Very nicely modified from original quote from Buddha - I guess- which goes as "getting what you want is happiness. wanting what you get is happiness."

Not sure if it is the same Tom Gardener of Motely Fools claim. If it is, then no wonder he came up with this nice quote. Tom with his brother started off what was a simple investment advice for family and friends on AOL and what Motely Fool has grown to become is history. It's very rare that an investment advisory service started on such a small scale managed to stay alive for more than a decade and on top of it became a very successful investment web site.

The secret behind the success is not hard to fathom. Right from the very early days Motely Fool adopted 'open source' model. Most of the investment analysis, discussions etc. came from members. Access to most of the web site is either free or nominally prices. Gardeners made sure that an environment which fostered open and candid discussions. They created the environment and the visitors provided the content for each other.

Motely Fool now has several dedicated investment analysts and writers on its roll. Tom & Dave run a weekly radio show and a lot of content on their web site is widely syndicated. This is all achieved in less than 20 years. I think they started in 1995 when Internet was still very nascent and was available thru portals such as AOL and CompuServe.


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