Sunday, June 18, 2006


Ability will never catch up with the demand for it.

    -- Malcolm Forbes (1919 - 1990)

There is a saying which goes something like "better you get, you better get better". As we get better at something, we are awarded a new challenge. If not for this we never evolve out of our comfort zone. It is also true that with right preparation we are presented with right challenge which is indeed a stretch but we can accomplish it if we put little more.

Lord is a master goal setter. Lord knows more about stretch goals than we can afford to set ourselves. So, instead of wasting time setting goals and sizing ourselves up if we are adequate or not, we should take challenges head on and chances are we succeed if the end and the means used to achieve it are just and right in the eyes of Lord.

Sri Easwaran's  writes in of his books -"we all have right amount of burden to carry. Not one pound less than we are capable of carrying or not one pound more." To begin with, our ability to carry this load is miniscule. But, with some years of life, we come to realization that we have a large load of Karma to carry and get rid of. We preferably want to accomplish this as much as possible in this very life. That way we can complete as close as possible to the final goal or God willing even achieve it.

What is the way to manage more load than we are capable of carrying? Magic word is leverage. We use it without much thought in every other aspect of our lives. But, when it comes to carrying our load of Karma, we forget that we can leverage that too. Our most efficient lever is the grace of Lord. Use him for your support to carry Karma load and you can immediately gain tremendous leverage. That's why it is said -"belief in God is the surest sign of wisdom."


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