Sunday, June 18, 2006


Men are born to succeed, not fail.

            -- Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

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"Men are born to success, not fail." - this quote reinforces that regardless of what we are today and what we many have encountered in the past, we are bound to be successful.

It is a different matter if the state that God finds as success does not match our definition of success. When it does not match, we curse our luck. We have a very limited view of the life as we see it and not necessarily as the life really is. So, we think this or that is good for us and that indeed is success. When do not get what we want, we forget to take minute to see what we may have gained in the pursuit. Invariably, there is something to gain for every experience. Even when we do not get, say a coveted job or a position, something is being said about the whole thing. We may brood for a day or two or sometimes even entire lifetime for not being successful at that particular endeavor.

However, God chose that it was not the best for us at that moment of time. This insight is very hard to come before we have had some experience in life. Not at all easy before 30's as it takes around 30 years to see one cycle which can be thought to be something like a mini life cycle. If we live for another 60 years or so, we can expect basically same cycle to repeat in a different form. But, we can reflect and mend our ways so that remaining one or two cycles end up being different and better. This fundamental notion that we are all born to succeed to should help us reinvigorate ourselves and pick ourselves up from minor deviations and move on.

Sometimes, we all lose our ways and take a wrong detour. Sooner we come back to the main road, more gas we will have left to complete rest of our journey. It does not matter even if we develop this insight very late in life.No need to regret that we have only 10 or 15 years left at the most. We are all assured by the Lord that he would preserve our good deeds in this life and help us start exactly at the point where we left off. It is like Lord taking us and positioning us at a particular point on the running tracks so that we are given credit for the distance we have already run. So, without despair, we can set out to do what we want to. If what we want to do is just and right and is good for us in the eyes of God, we will be blessed with that. If not, take heart and understand that it was not meant to be.

In Bollywood, they have a saying in hindi -"waqt se pehele aur naseeb se jyada kisi ko kuch mila hai aur milega bhi nahin.". This means - "no one has got anything before the time is right and no one has got anything more than they deserve." This should not be viewed as a fatalistic mentality. It is a realization that follows after some years of getting some things and getting sheer disappointments in  pursuit of things that were not meant for us. But, good thing is that, when this insight comes, it comes along with a lot of discretion as well. We also develop insight to pursue things that are good for us relentlessly rather than giving them up at the first or second minor obstacle.


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