Saturday, June 17, 2006

Universe & Chinatown

"It is amazing that people talk about exploring the universe when they can not even find their way around in Chinatown."

No prize for guessing whose quote this is. Who else? Woody Allen.

Woody Allen is known for witty quotes as much as he is known for his idiosyncrasies. He kinda takes a dig at all sorts of people. We run into many such people exploring the universe when they can not figure their way around in Chinatown. Small time money holders trying to make a quick buck in stock market, useless people trying to rise up the hierarchy with a lot of BS and schoomzing, academically dull student trying to impress  by dropping the names of all famous universities where he does not have a chance of setting foot in many lifetimes to come. People do all sorts of things to cope up with weaknesses (real or perceived). Most of the time people choose the worst way to make up for their weaknesses. That is to use their weakest attribute. People who get disoriented in Chinatown should not venture to explore the universe. In strictest sense there is nothing wrong. But, when done to cover up, it stinks. Let's not put facades. Let us  be ourselves. That is - let us be our "real" selves

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