Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Gaza Strip

From www.netflix.com:

The embattled Gaza Strip is the setting for this stirring documentary from American filmmaker James Longley. Initially intending his film to be a straightforward look at the Palestinian intifada, Longley headed there in January 2001 for what he thought would be two short weeks. Instead, he stayed for three months, logging over 75 hours of film that tracked a number of momentous occasions, including the election of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Nice documentary movie capturing the details about 'Intifada' movement that was a grassroots movement started by Palestinians living in occupied territories after they became disenchanted with their leaders living away in Tunis and ignoring their plight. Their action plan was to pelt rocks and stones at every possible moment at Israelis. It was difficult for Israelis to use heavy force on people using such crude and comparatively less harmful arms. Moreover, children were so actively involved that any violence on children worked against Israel.

A newspaper boy is the central character in the documentary. His day-to-day life has been captured very well.

3 stars.

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