Monday, June 19, 2006

BLUF in Communications?

What is the last thing we want to do if we want to have effective communication? We certainly do not want to bluff. But, there is a different kind of BLUF that is very useful for effective communication especially in written communication.

BLUF stands for Bottom Line Up Front. This is same as the phrases people use cut the crap, cut to chase, coming to point etc.

In BLUF, you mention the most important thing first and then provide clarification. If the bottom line has shock potential then you can prepare a bit but still must get to the bottom line quickly. Once you communicate the bottom line and then time to provide explanation, explanation sinks better than it would if you spend a lot of time in the beginning to explain and then provide the bottom line at the very end.

Picked it from one podcast from This a great source to gain a lot of management insight. Two people who host these podcasts have accumulated a lot of knowledge from experience and from several sources. It is  like getting nice summary extracts from all good management books. Check that out.


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