Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Economy and economists etc.

President Truman once said - "I want an one-handed economist. I do not want him to be able to say 'on the other hand' on any issue." It seems Truman was frustrated with opinions of economists. He was livid that they could not give one conclusive opinion on anything. Why blame only economists? All professionals are like that. Given a chance, we all want a one-handed lawyer, doctor and so on. If it comes to software professionals, people may say we want software folks who have no hands at all. Because software professionals are known to imagine that they have more than two hands and provide opinions on the same issue using all hands. If agenda for software meetings read like 'first half, second half, third half and remaining time', you can imagine how conclusive their opinions may be on any issue.

Now with economy tanking, jokes about economics and economists are abound. "Economists have predicted 12 of the last 9 recessions." Go figure.

You can find more jokes about economists at - http://netec.mcc.ac.uk/JokEc.html. There are some really good ones out there.


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