Saturday, December 13, 2008


"Most people ignore most poetry  because  most poetry ignores most people." - Adrian Mitchell

Very funny indeed.

This quotation provided some explanation to my personal lack of interest in any poetry. Right from early days I have seen that any sort of serious poetry has never appealed to me. It does not to many people. This quotation made me think why it may be so.

First, poetry, by it's very nature, seems to make an inordinate amount of effort to say something in a very convoluted fashion. You really need a different mindset to understand what the author may be trying to say. On the other hand, prose is simple, fast read and direct.

Only poetry that ever appealed to me is some witty poetry with perfect rhyming words. They can pack a lot of punch.

This is not to demean poetry at all. There are special people, I myself know some,  who can take hours to read and reflect on few short stanzas of a poem. After that they can write pages of prose interpreting the same. That's a different interest and talent. But, for most people above quotation sums it up very well.


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