Wednesday, December 31, 2008


"I think I am wise.....but people think otherwise."

Well, no explanation is necessary. One may be wise sometimes. Not always. "None of us is smarter than all of us." "Wisdom of crowds."

It is fine if one considers himself wise and others otherwise. Worse thing is when others considers someone very wise when in reality they are not. It is easy to develop a wrong positive impression of someone because of their appearance, personal charisma or position. Sometimes they also make the best misuse of our such impressions and put us into serious problems. Big time swindlers, cheats etc. are apt at making us believe that they are wiser than they really are. For example, recent multi-billion dollar scandal involving Bernie Madoff. He 'made off' with money right under the nose of people. People thought he was smarter than the whole market because of his past tenure as stock market chairman etc.

"If you do not say anything, people may think you are stupid. If you say something, they become sure." - Abe Lincoln.


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