Monday, December 08, 2008


"A predictable organization does not guess about the future and call it a plan; it develops the capacity to rapidly respond to the future as it unfolds." Mary Poppendieck

This is from the book 'The Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility". Good book. Compares PMI's PMBOK practices to agile practices. Does a good job of dispelling myths about how PMI processes and agile process are not compatible. I think it is a good read for any manager. Especially good for PMPs who are not yet sold on agile project management.

Mary Poppendieck is a thought leader when it comes to agile development and management. She is probably one of the earliest people to bring good principles of lean manufacturing to software development. She has written a couple of books. Both are great reads.

It appears lean is the most 'in' thing in agile world these days. People are experimenting with Kanban style development. Reducing the inventory, waste etc. Principles are heavily borrowed from Toyota's legendary auto manufacturing practices.

More on these at some other time.

Happy reading!!


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