Monday, December 22, 2008


"You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need." - Vernon Howard

I think a wise chinese man said -"all I need is a bowl of rice and a glass of water." That is nirvana when all we want is absolutely only that we need. Gandhi said - "there is enough in this world for everyone's need but not for anyone's greed."

I feel lesser we have lesser the clutter we have to put up with. People say they travel light. I say we should live light. Two suitcases. Be mobile and you will see how free you will feel. You are your own master. More you own and want much more, they are like handcuffs even if they are golden handcuffs. They tie you more and more to where you are. Every time you need to take a tough decision, you have to take stock of all that you have and chart your course accordingly. Own a house? then chances are you are not going to move to far off place for a different job even if you are miserable in your current job. I advocate living lightly just to keep my choices wide and open.

Every time something breaks down, I feel good these days. I junk it and never bother to buy another one unless it is something I absolutely need it. It's been a life long mission reduce clutter. Documents? Scan them and throw them into a terra byte hard drive. If you are worried about your hard disk, try to get some space online and store them there. But, do something about the junk that accumulates. Rent everything you can own. Money? Should be accessible from anywhere with your laptop.Car? Something which has good market value and people should be willing to buy it off your lot if you choose to sell it. Electronic stuff? Don't buy gadgets unless you really need them. Music system? Better buy a great sound system and stream to it from your laptop. Huge TV? I do not know. I would not get one. I would rather buy an expensive laptop with largest screen available and watch online.

One clutter that I am still trying reduce is a huge collection of books. I know many of those books are outdated and nobody wants them. But, somehow I do not feel like throwing them away. May be I must do that to reduce my clutter. Books come on so many diverse subjects that I feel like keeping them for life. May be I should try online or electronic readers like kindle.

Hey, anytime for ready for anything to reduce clutter. Two suitcases. That should be mantra if we want to be truly mobile. More the clutter more you are stuck to where you are.


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